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Adrian's Pizza Thompson Run Road: Our Mission, and Reason for Existing, is to Serve

At Adrian’s, we serve:

  • Our customers, by providing delicious gourmet cuisine, made with high quality ingredients, at reasonable prices, and with outstanding customer service in a friendly environment. 

  • Not only our customers, but our team members as well, by providing personal and professional development, with a focus on teamwork, where we cultivate then reward exceptional people.

We're serious about what we do.  So whether you're in the mood for a quick lunch, want to make some memories over a gourmet pizza with family and friends, need some game-day fare for your favorite sporting event, or need an event catered so that you have one less thing to worry about, the team at Adrian's Thompson Run Road is here for you, and eager to serve you!  We will deliver it to you, you can pick it up, or you can enjoy it in our remodeled dining room, with complimentary wi-fi available during your visit.  

And, if you're interesting in joining the Adrian's team, visit this page to learn about the opportunities.

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