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Adrian's Pizza has implemented a new online ordering site, to allow us to receive your orders more quickly, process them more efficiently, and better handle orders that are scheduled for a later pickup or delivery. Click here to access the new online ordering site.

When using this new ordering site, you'll be able to:

  • Create an account, and save your payment info for later use

  • Select or remove toppings for pizzas, hoagies, and more, including double or triple toppings.  Use the number that pops up when selecting a topping to indicate if you want standard toppings (1), double toppings (2), or more. 

  • Easily add one of our most popular requests, for a side of ranch, directly from the top of the ordering page.

  • And coming soon, you will be able to place an online order using our daily special discounts, our published coupons, and our new "secret coupons" (which will be shared on our new Facebook site, and Instagram site), 

A few hints when using the new site:

  • Click "Finish" once you've added or removed your toppings.  This will let you preview the item.

  • If the item looks correct, click "Add to Cart" to add to your order.  Your cart will display at the bottom of the screen, with the number of items in your order and the total price.

  • You can hover over your cart to see the details, and click the "View Cart" link to show all the details of your cart, and proceed to check out.

  • From here, you can change your order from pickup to delivery or vice-versa, change the pickup or delivery time, or the address to which you'd like to have your order delivered.  You can also edit the contents of yopur cart from this screen.

  • Click the "Checkout" link in the bottom right of the screen to check out.

  • Enter your contact information on this screen, your payment information, verify that you're not a robot, then click "Place Order" to complete. 

To use the new site, click here

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